dal 31 Gennaio 2019 al 28 Maggio 2019. , VERCELLI - Dipartimento di Studi Umanisitici, ore 14-18
Categoria: Curriculum Ethics

Seminario dei dottorandi FINO – Curriculum etico-politico, 2018-19

 The meetings will take place at the Department of Humanities (Studi umanistici), Università di Piemonte Orientale, Via Galileo Ferraris 116, Vercelli.

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Thur 31 Jan, 14.00-18.00, Aula Beretta 1

Luca Timponelli, “Kant’s Engagement with Rousseau”

Nicolò Valenzano, “Anthropological Premises and Social Philosophy in Paulo Freire”


Thur 21 Feb, 14.00-18.00, Aula Presidenza

Luca Miotto, “Politics Out of Time. Presentism and its Discontents”

Davide Ragnolini, “Hobbes as Theorist of International Anarchy: A Study in his 17th Century Intellectual Context”


Thur 28 Feb, 14.00-18.00, Aula Beretta 1

Gabriele Tassinari, “Productive Relations between Humans and Non-humans: Fariness and Exploitation”

Laura Santi Amantini, “Conceptualizing Forced Migration Beyond the Open Borders Debate”


Thur 14 Mar, 14.00-18.00, Aula Beretta 1

Damiano Simoncelli, “A Relational Perspective on Natural Law: Developing Aquinas through MacIntyre”

Simone Ghelli, “An Outstanding Issue. The Modern Reflection of Animality between Materialism and the Death of God”


Tue 14 May, 14.00-18, Aula Presidenza

Francesco Camboni, “The Concept of Solidarity between Philosophy and the Social Sciences”

Giacomo Marossi, “Epistemology of Populism”


Tue 28 May, 14.00-18.00, Aula Presidenza

Sylvie Bláhová, “Pluralism and Diversity – For the Sake of Equal Respect”

Ilaria Ferrara, “Aesthetic normativity in Kant”