PhD Students from XXIX to XXXII Cycle will give final examination under the Administrative center of Turin  University, where the Consortium was founded.
Some basic info follows, and more specific details will be given each year to PhD students.

(1) PhD Students will present to the Board a relation on PhD activity of the last year of Doctorate.

(2) The PhD Steering Committee will evaluate these relations before the legal end of the Cycle.

(3) If the PhD student is admitted to the final examination the Committee chooses 2 referees (external to the Board and actual teachers in other Universities) and establishes a date for the PhD Students to give the final version of their dissertation to the referees. At the same time, the names of the examination board is defined (with the possibility to include the evaluators themselves)

(4) The Referees will evaluate the dissertation Рpossibly in a month time, following a simple  REVIEWER FORM. With their evaluation, referees may either (4a) admit the dissertation as it is(or with minor revisions)  to public defense or (4b) ask for major revisions to be completed within a period of no more than 6 months. Upon resubmission, the referees have one month to review the corrections and submit their final report. Every dissertation is admitted to the public defense at this stage.

(5) Within 30 days after receiving the referees’ final reports, the Univeristy will officially nominate the examination board whose members will receive an official invitation.  The public defense of the dissertation will be held before the examination board within 3 months of their nomination.