Each year there is a call for PhD positions (with at least 12 scholarships ).
[2017 Application closed ]
To participate you will have to ask two teachers to send two letters of recommendation and you will have to upload, beside the fee:
– a research project  (max.3000 words)
– the index + an abstract or a chapter of your Master Dissertation  (and list of exams)

Lectures and Seminars are mostly taught in English (and necessarily so if needed).



Official List of Students admitted to the Doctorate 2017


July 14, 2017 – I would like to thank all participants to this call. As I know, it has been a very difficult job to select some candidates among 270 and it will also be difficult to select the 18 who will have access to the PhD Program. For those who have been not selected (and will not be selected at the end of the interviews) please do not take that as a negative judgement on your work. Many of you have done very good research projects and with less competition might have been selected. The future of European Research is in your hands, and only with time it will be possible to see the results. I remind you that most initiatives of PhD Program – that you may find on this site – are open to all Graduate students; you are welcome to participate to Conferences or seminars connected with your field if you still want to pursue your research.

Carlo Penco (head of the PhD Program)