NEW CALL!  2019 

the new call  will be on line before the end of April

14 scholarships in Philosophy – cycle 35

To participate you will have to ask two teachers to send two letters of recommendation and you will have to upload, beside a fee for participation:
– a research project  (max.3000 words)
– the index + a chapter of your Master Dissertation  (and the list of exams)

FINO PhD program permits students to participate to different research programs in different areas of philosophy.
There are 4 general area to choose: 1) Mind, Language and Science 2) Ethics and Political Philosophy . 3) History of philosophical and scientific thought 4) Aesthetics, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology. A scholarship will be given for the best project concerning philosophy and  the impact of new media.

There is NO PREREQUISITE of knowing Italian: Lectures and Seminars are mostly taught in English.






Each year there is a call for PhD positions (with at least 12 scholarships ).
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