Since the beginning FINO Gives much attention to teaching activities, both to activities shared by all students and to activities defined by the four different curricula. Shared teaching activity is mainly devoted to interaction among students and teachers of all the curricula, to enhance possible contamination among different sectors and methods in philosophy.These activities are principally located in the first year of the program. They include:
‚Äď A ‚Äúrolling seminar‚ÄĚ on a single topic viewed from different philosophical perspectives. Different teachers from different curricula contribute to the seminar. Each seminar consists in an open discussion on texts given¬†in advance by each of the teachers. Students are expected to write a final paper discussing one of the texts discussed during the seminar.
‚Äď Theory of argumentation: a general introduction to different aspects of argumentation theory
‚Äď Meetings on the problem of evaluation of the quality or research, open science and open access, basic info on computer science for humanities and other¬†shared interests
For previous common teaching activities see the 2013-2016 Archive PhD students are invited to study different activities in different curricula (you are not obliged to stay only inside your curriculum). The general program for shared activities for XXXII Cycle  (2017) is given by the following 2017 SCHEDULE. Other activities that may arise during the year will be listed below.

Curricular teaching activities are organised for each of the four curricula coordinated by:   Massimiliano Vignolo (Genoa; cur. 1. Mind, Science and Language); Anna Maria Galeotti (Oriental Piedmont; cur. 2. Ethics and Political Philosophy);  Paola Rumore (Torino; 3. History of Philosophy and History of Science); Luca Vanzago (Pavia; cur. 4. Hermeneutics, Aesthetics and Phenomenology).


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