Depending on the year The Curriculum of History of Philosophy and History of Science organises specific teaching activities or suggest to work together with  teaching activities of other curricula that often give lectures on historical aspects or on the great figures of History of Philosophy.   Here below you may find other events or lectures connected with the curriculum. See also Archives 2013-2016.

dal 12/10/2017 al 13/10/2017. Third Collegio Ghislieri G.C. in the History of Philosophy  
Pavia: Collegio Ghislieri
Nature: History and use of an idea between philosophy and science
dal 19/09/2017 al 20/09/2017. 4th Graduate Conference in the History of Philosophy/CALL FOR PAPERS  
Pavia, Collegio Ghislieri
Philosophy in Italy
dal 18/09/2017 al 22/09/2017. Lectures on Russell and Wittgenstein (Marconi-Bonino)  
Torino (site to be decided) 10-13; 15-18
dal 11/05/2017 al 12/05/2017. Women and Early Philosophy of Science  
Vercelli: DISUM, Aula Magna, via Galileo Ferraris 116
dal 04/05/2017 al 05/05/2017. Karl Jaspers e il Dialogo Interreligioso  
Genova: Aula Magna di Scienze Umanistiche, via balbi 2