WHERE to write is always a fundamental question for PhD Students. In order to understand where to write, you apparently need to READ, and to check which journals are available depending on the topic you study. In applying for a job they look for “good” Journals; but it is difficult to publish in the *best* journals (with a high rate of rejection). In this page we give a list of information about relevant Journals and ways to search them and select them for reading/writing. If you have further suggestions, please write to penco@unige.it

Suggestions for Academic Writing
Suny (new York),
Unige (some in Italian)

Everyday updating for philosophical papers:
Philosophy Paperboy

Ranking of Philosophy Journals:
(ranking is often dependent of personal views, besides the rate of rejections;
on the rate of rejections you may see the best journal of all)

–  Scimago Ranking
– Scopus Ranking (choose “philosophy”)
– US based Ranking
– Austalia based Ranking
– Europe based Ranking

– Google Scholar Metrics


– Ranking of Italian Ministry of Education for Humanistic Area (useful for applications in Italy)
(October 2017: http://www.anvur.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=254&Itemid=623&lang=it:)


Further readings on evaluation
– UN-Evaluation metrics.pdf
– Confrontation between SCIMAGO and SCOPUS
– A discussion on the problems of ranking
– Analysis of impact of different data sources

On Predatory Journals (beware!)

a warning from Nature
a nice article in the Newyorker
On the scandal of the forced closure of a site on fake journals
[for curious people: this was the site,much appreciated by most scholars]
Stop Predatory Journals

Publish or Perish: