Each University of the Consortium  has venues for students, on which you may ask your tutor, or other students already living in the town you want to live. Other information will be given at the first meetings with students in the first year.

Genoa University

For accommodation: http://www.rui.it/en/   –  http://www.peschiere.it/en/   –  http://www.capodifaro.it/en/

Venues for PhD students: you may use the following spaces (all with wifi access):
– Biblioteca di filosofia, via Balbi 4, 1° piano
– Biblioteca Universitaria, via Balbi 40 (actually, in front of the Railway Station)
Open  8.30-19.30 (Saturday 9-12) with a nice reading room
— Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali  (open also in the evening), via Balbi 130r
– Meeting room, via Balbi 30, 7° floor (near the offices of Ottonelli, Penco, Rolando, Vignolo, Zuolo).
– Meeting room,  via Balbi 30, 5° floor (with PhD Students of Philosophy of Law).

Printing facilities for UNIGE Students: https://www.studenti.unige.it/Unigeprint/

Torino University

For accommodation: https://www.edisu.piemonte.it/en/services/living/halls-residence