September 2018

Before the end of September 2018, Cycle XXXII Ph.D. students should pass a colloquium for the passage to the 3rd Year. Time and modality depend on different curricula:

Epistemological Curriculum, September 20, Genova
Ethical Curriculum TBA
History Curriculum
, September 21, Torino
Theoretical Curriculum: September 5, Pavia

For¬†the colloquium, Students should send¬†the plan of their dissertation and a relevant chapter to the coordinator of their curriculum (and upload on the “bacheca” in their FINO web page). Cycle XXXII is the only cycle that begins in October, and the mandatory acceptance to the third year must be sent to the offices in time for the prosecution of the scholarship.

October 2018 

Before October 10 – with enough¬†time to be submitted to the Committee that will have its meeting for October 12th ‚Äď Ph.D. students of Cycle XXXI¬† have to submit a relation¬†about the work done in the last year specifying¬†whether their dissertation is ready to be sent to the evaluators (the relation may be ¬†uploaded on the “bacheca” in their FINO web page)¬†Their supervisor may ask for a 6 months delay (until April 2019) if the dissertation is not ready, before sending it to two external evaluators. The evaluators will have 2 months time for sending the official assessment.
Keep in touch with your supervisors to check that everything is all right! If you think that your dissertation is ready, you have to give it a proper form in order to send it to  the evaluators (who may ask for minor or major revision Рin this second case you will be given another 6 months time)

Before October 10 Cycle XXXIII Ph.D. students should send to their tutors (and uploaded on the “bacheca” in their FINO web page)¬†a file with a summary of the work done during the year and suggestions for the individuation of the supervisor, if different from the 1str-year tutor. (Form to download (.doc))

For Cycle XXXIV Ph.D. Students, the deadline for official enrolment will be between 4th and 11th of September. You will find instruction on the web portal of Genoa University.