Ciclo: 34
Curriculum/Indirizzo: Etico-Politico
Convenzione: MIUR

Tutor: Barbero Carola


Progetto: Dynamic Design: Bolstering the Value Sensitive Design Approach by Reflexively Accounting for Situated Value Change


Master of Science (MSc) - Sept 2016 — Nov 2018

University of Edinburgh

Master of Arts (MA) - Sept 2017 — Oct 2018

York University

Honours Bachelors of Arts (HBA) with Distinction - Sept 2011 — June 2016

University of Toronto

  • Philosophy (Maj.), Philosophy of Science (Min.), Classical Civilizations (Min.).


Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies - April 2016 — Present

Managing Director

  • Independent research on the design and ethics of transformative, emerging technologies.
  • Spearheaded the rebranding of the IEET as well as the reformulation of the essential duties of the Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board.
  • Submission editor and organizational development.


Teaching Assistant - September 2017 — June 2018

York University

  • NATS 1775: Technology and Civilization, Grader.
  • NATS 1920: Nature and Growth of Mathematics, Grader.

English Teacher - May 2016 - Aug 2016

Green High School

  • ENG4U: English, Grade 12, University Preparation. Designed and Taught Course.
  • Course Developer

Course Developer - May 2016 - June 2016

High Park Academy

  • HZB3M (Web): Philosophy: The Big Questions, Grade 11. Designed Course.
  • HZT4U (Web): Philosophy: Questions and Theories, Grade 12. Designed Course.


  • Value Sensitive Design/Responsible Innovation of Transformative Technologies
  • Anticipatory Governance Strategies for Emerging Technologies
  • Conceptual Issues of Atomically Precise Manufacturing/Molecular Manufacturing
  • The Philosophy of Emerging Technologies and Post/Transhumanism


Current Roles

  • Associate Editor - International Journal of Technoethics, 2018 - Present
  • Book Reviews Editor, Prometheus: critical studies in innovation, 2018 - Present
  • Section Editor, Informatica, 2018 - Present
  • Editorial Board Member, Humanities and Social Science, 2017 - Present

Past Roles

  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Technoethics, 2017 - 2018
  • Guest Editor, Between the Species: Journal of Philosophy and Animals, 2018


Notation: Journal Name (year of reviews: number of reviews in that year)

* Denotes peer reviews for edited collections

To the reader: I include the number of reviews to promote more professional credit being given for performing peer reviews. I encourage others to do the same on their curriculum vitae. Verified journal reviews can be accessed via Publons.

  • AI & Society (2018:2)
  • *Artificial Intelligence Safety and Security [CRC Press] (2017: 6)
  • Axiomathes (2018:1)
  • Contingent Horizons (2017:1)
  • Futures (2017:2)
  • International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies (2018:1)
  • International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development (2018:2; 2019:1)
  • International Journal of Strategic Engineering (2018:1)
  • International Journal of Technoethics (2017:3; 2018:1)
  • Intersect: The Stanford Journal of Science, Technology, and Society (2018:1)
  • Journal of Critical Realism (2018:10)
  • Journal of Evolution and Technology (2015:1; 2017:2; 2018:1)
  • Journal of Military Ethics (2018:2)
  • Journal of Posthuman Studies (2018:7; 2019:1)
  • Journal of Responsible Innovation (2017:2: 2018:1)
  • Journal of Science Communication (2018:1)
  • Science and Engineering Ethics (2018:7)
  • TECNOSCIENZA: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies (2017:1)
  • The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society (2018:1)


Umbrello, Steven, 2019. "Nihilism and Technology," Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, forthcoming.# denotes publications that have not undergone peer review.

Journal Articles

  1. Umbrello, Steven, 2019. "Atomically Precise Manufacturing and Responsible Innovation: A Value Sensitive Design Approach to Explorative Nanophilosophy," International Journal of Technoethics, forthcoming.
  2. Umbrello, Steven, 2019. "Beneficial AI Coordination by means of a Value Sensitive Design Approach." Big Data and Cognitive Computing, Special Issue: "Artificial Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy," Vol. 3, No. 1, 1-13. DOI: 10.3390/bdcc3010005 
  3. Umbrello, Steven, Lombard, Jessica, 2018. "Silence of the Idols: Appropriating the Myth of Sisyphus for Posthumanist Discourses," Postmodern Openings, Vol. 9, No. 4, 98-121. DOI: 10.18662/po/47
  4. Umbrello, Steven, 2018. "Posthumanism: A Fickle Philosophy?" Con Texte, Vol. 2, No. 1, 28-32 DOI: 10.28984/ct.v2i1.279
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  8. Umbrello, Steven, 2018. "Explorative Nanophilosophy as Tecnoscienza: An Italian Perspective on the Role of Speculation in Nanoindustry," TECNOSCIENZA: The Italian Journal of Science and Technology Studies, revise-and-resubmit manuscript under review.
  9. Umbrello, Steven, Torres, Phil and Angelo F. De Bellis, 2019. "The Future of War: The Ethical Potential of Leaving War to Lethal Autonomous Weapons," AI & Society, initial submission under review.

Book Chapters

  1. Umbrello, Steven, et al., 2019. "Reimagining the future of engineering (fPET workshop)." In Diane P. Michelfelder and Neelke Doorn (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Engineering, Routledge, forthcoming.
  2. Umbrello, Steven, 2019. "AI Winter." In Philip Frana and Michael J. Klein (eds.), Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence: The Past, Present, and Future of AI, ABC-CLIO, forthcoming.
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Book Reviews

  1. Umbrello, Steven, 2019. "Moving to a Posthuman Technosphere,"Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, Accepted 3 June 2018, forthcoming.
  2. Umbrello, Steven, 2019. "Nihilism and Technology," Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, forthcoming.
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  11. Umbrello, Steven, 2018. "Fragile Umanità," Journal of Posthuman Studies, under review


Invited Presentations

  1. Umbrello, Steven, 2016. "Nootropics: The Current Trend of Personal Cognitive Enhancement" 2016 Workshop in Transhumanism. LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Romania. 

Conference Oral Presentations

  1. Umbrello, Steven, 2018. "Intuiting Safe Design: Strengthening Design-for-Values Frameworks" fPET2018 - Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology. University of Maryland, USA.
  2. Umbrello, Steven, 2018. "Safe-by-Design: Principled Methods for Embedding Values in Transformative Technologies" Sixth Annual Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy, and Ethics. Arizona State University, USA.
  3. Umbrello, Steven, 2018. "Theological Determinism to Technological Determinism: The Secularization of Eschatological Narratives" NESTS - Northeast Science and Technology Studies Conference. Cornell University, USA.
  4. Umbrello, Steven, 2018. "The Future of Value Sensitive Design" Reformatting the World: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Technology and Humanities. York University, Canada.
  5. Umbrello, Steven, 2017. "Duoploding the Apocalypse: A Writing Instrument for Ecological Thought" Object Lessons | Technoscientific Cultures, 3rd Annual Conference. York University, Canada.

Awards and Honours

  • Excellent Reviewing Award (8th worldwide) - Publons 2018 Peer Review Award - Sept 2018
  • Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing - Futures (Elsevier) - Sept 2017
  • Honours Distinction - University of Toronto - 2016 
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Accessibility Resources - University of Toronto - 2012 - 2014
  • Ontario Scholar Award - Holy Cross Catholic Academy - 2011
  • Certificate of Merit - Holy Cross Catholic Academy - 2011
  • Honour Roll - Holy Cross Catholic Academy - 2010 - 2011